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Laptop notebook 2.5" high quality pata IDE hard drive 160gb


Laptop notebook 2.5" high quality (pata IDE)  hard drive 160gb

Compatibility Reference List  (there are others)
Laptop Brand

1100, 1150, 1200, 1300, 2200, 2500 C800, 2500 C900, 2500 P1.0G, 2500, 2600 Series, 2600, 2650, 300M, 3700 C433GT, 3700 C466GT, 3700 R450GT, 3700 R500GT, 3700, 3800 C500SW, 3800 C600, 3800 C600SW, 3800 C700, 3800 C700SW, 3800 R700, 3800 R700SO, 3800 R750, 3800 R800, 4000 C600, 4000 C600GW, 4000 C800, 4000 P1.0G, 4000 P900, 4000 R600, 4000 R650, 4000 R650GW, 4000 R700, 4000 R700GO, 4000 R800, 4000 R850, 4100, 4100 1.0G, 4100 1.1G, 4100 1.2G, 4100 866, 4150, 5000 G600, 5000 G650, 5000 R450, 5000e C500GW, 5000e C600, 5000e C600-NT, 5000e C600GW, 5000e G600, 5000e G700, 5000e G750, 5000e G800, 5000e G850, 5000e R600LG, 5000e R650, 5000e R650UW, 5000e R700, 5000e R700UW, 5000e R750, 5000e R750UW, 5000e R800, 5000e R800UO, 5000e R850, 500m, 5100, 510m, 5150, 5160, 6000, 600M, 700m, 710m, 7500 A433LT, 7500 A466LT, 7500 C450VT, 7500 C500LW, 7500 C600VW, 7500 G600VT, 7500 G600VW, 7500 G600YT, 7500 G650VT, 7500 G650YT, 7500 G700YW, 7500 G750YW, 7500 R450VT, 7500 R500VT, 7500 R500YT, 8000 C600, 8000 C600XW, 8000 C700, 8000 G650VW, 8000 G700UO, 8000 P1.0G, 8000 R600, 8000 R650, 8000 R700, 8000 R800, 8000 R850, 8100, 8100 1.0G-M, 8100 1.13G-M, 8100 1.2G-M, 8100 833-M, 8200, 8500, 8600, 9100, 9200, 9300, B130, XPS, XPS Gen 2


C400 Series, C500, C510 Series, C600 Series, C610 Series, C640 Series (P4), C800 , C810 Series, C840 Series ( P4 ), CP Series, CPi Series, A300ST, A366ST, A366XT, A400XT, CPi Series, Model: D233ST, D266XT, M266XT, D300XT, CPi R400GT, C333GT, C400GT, C433GT, C466GT, S450ST, S500GT,  V466GT, V600, CPx Series, CS R400XT, CSx H500, D400, D410, D420 Series, D500, D505, D510, D520 Series, D600, D610, D620 Series, D800, D810, D820 Series, LS Series , V700, V710, V740, X200, X300

 M20, M50, M60, M70, XPS M140 Series, XPS M1210 Series

 100N, 200N, 250N    

Compaq &HP  Pavilion zx5000 Series, Omniboo, HP Special Edition L2000 Series

 100S 533/12.1"HPA, 100S 550/12.1"HPA, 100S 550/12.1"TFT, 100S 550/13.3"TFT, 110 C700/12"TFT/98, 110 C700/12"TFT/ME, 110 C700/14"TFT/ME, 110 C800/12"TFT/98, 110 C800/12"TFT/ME, 110 C800/14"TFT/ME, 110 C850, 110 P800/12"TFT/2000, 110 P800/12"TFT/98, 110 P800/12"TFT/ME, 110 P800/14"TFT/2000, 110 P800/14"TFT/98, 110 P800/14"TFT/ME, 110 P850, 110S 800/14"TFT/98, E500, E500 1000/15, E500 700/13.3, E500 800/13.3, E500 900/14, E500 C550 13T-98, E500 C600/13, E500 C600/14, E500 P1.0G (470011-577), E500 P1.0G (470011-622), E500 P3800/14T, E500 P3800/14T-NT, E500 P3850/15T, E500 P3850/15T-NT, E500 P700 (179849-001), E500 P800 (179855-001), E500 P800 (179855-008), E500 P850 (179858-001), E500 P850 (179858-008), E500 P900 (470011-648), E500 P900 (470011-680), E500 PIII 500 13T-NT, E500 PIII 500 14T-95, E500 PIII 500 14T-98, E500 PIII 500 14T-NT, E500 PIII 600 13T-98, E500 PIII 600 13T-NT, E500 PIII 850 14T-98, E500 PIII 900 14T-98, E500DMT, E500S 600, E500S 650, E500S 800, E700 PII 400 14CTFT, E700VCT, M300 6333/T11-95, M300 6333/T11-95/128, M300 6333/T11-98, M300 6333/T11-NT, M300 6333/T11-NT/128, M300 C333/11T-95, M300 C333/11T-98, M300 C450/11T, M300 P3500/T11, M300 P3600/T11, M300 P3600/T11-NT, M300 P3600/T12, M300 P3600/T12-NT, M300 P500 (165288-008), M300 P500 (205402-006 ), M300 P600 (180400-002), M300 P600 (180400-008), M300 P600 (180428-002), M300 P600 (180428-008), M700 1.0G (470015-691), M700 800/14, M700 P1.0G (470011-791), M700 P1.0G (470011-801), M700 P1.0G (470011-802), M700 P1.0G (470011-813), M700 P3650/14T-NT, M700 P3700/13T, M700 P3700/13T-NT, M700 P3700/14T-NT, M700 P3750/14T, M700 P3750/14T-NT, M700 P3850/14T, M700 P3850/14T-NT, M700 P600/13T-98, M700 P600/14T-98, M700 P650/14T-NT, M700 P700 (205861-008), M700 P700 (205862-002), M700 P700 (205862-008), M700 P700 (470006-990), M700 P700 (470006-992), M700 P750 (206647-002), M700 P750 (206647-008), M700 P850 (470006-421), M700 P850 (470006-422), M700 PIII 750 13T-98, M700 PIII 750 13T-NT/2K, M700 PIII 850 13T-95, M700 PIII 850 13T-98, M700 PIII 850 13T-NT/2K, M700VMT, V300 C400/12S, V300 C400/12T, V300 C466/14T, V300 C500/12T, V300 C500/14T, Evo N150 C700 (470013-617), Evo N150 C700 (470013-660), Evo N150 C700 (470013-730), Evo N150 P800 (470013-661), Evo N150 P800 (470013-726)

Business Notebook
 nc2400, nc4000, nc4010, nc4200, nc6120, nc6140, nc6220, nc6230, nc8230, nw8240, nx4800,nx5000, nx6110, nx6115, nx6125, nx7000, nx7010, nx8220, nx9000, nx9005 ,nx9008 ,nx9010, nx9100, nx9105, nx9110, nx9500, nx9600

 N1000, N1000v, N1005v, N1010v, N1015v, N1020v, N110 C1.0G, N110 P1.0G, N115 A1.2G, N115 A1.3G, N115 Athlon 1500+/14, N115 D1.0G, N160 1.0G, N160 933C, N160 P1.13G, N160 P1.2G, N180 C933, N180 P1.0G, N180 P1.13G, N180 P1.2G, N180 P933G, N200 700/10, N400c P850 (470022-682), N400c P850 (470022-683), N400c P850 (470026-529), N410c, N600c P1.06G (470019-411), N600c P1200, N600c P866 (470019-408), N600c P866 (470019-512)
, N610C, n620c, N800c, N800v, N800w, N150 C700 (470013-617), N150 P800 (470013-661), N400c P700 (470013-470), N400c P700 (470013-471), 100

 1200, 1200-XL101, 1200-XL103, 1200-XL104, 1200-XL105, 1200-XL106, 1200-XL107, 1200-XL110, 1200-XL111, 1200-XL118, 1200-XL119, 1200-XL403/XL403A/XL404/XL406/XL408/XL409, 1200-XL410/XL414/XL420/XL423/XL427/XL430, 1200-XL502/XL505/XL526/XL510/XL512/XL506A, 1200US, 1200Z, 1201EA, 1201S, 1205EA, 1210US, 1211, 1212CL, 1214SR, 1215EA, 1215US, 1216UK, 12XL125, 12XL126, 12XL127, 12XL201, 12XL300, 12XL301, 12XL310, 12XL325, 12XL326, 12XL327, 12XL400, 12XL401, 12XL402, 12XL404, 12XL406, 12XL408, 12XL409, 12XL410, 12XL420, 12XL421, 12XL423, 12XL426, 12XL427, 12XL430, 12XL500, 12XL505, 12XL510, 12XL526, 12XL530, 1400T-750, 1400T-750 Eddie Bauer Special Edition, 1400T-800, 1400T-800 Eddie Bauer Special Edition, 14XL340, 14XL341, 14XL345, 1500 Series, 1500US, 1501CL, 1505US, 1510CA, 1510US, 1516US, 1520US, 1525CA, 1525US, 1600-XL145, 1600s-400, 1600s-450, 1600s-475, 1670, 1672, 1685, 1687, 1688, 1690, 1692, 1693, 1694, 1700T, 1700T (133MHz), 1700US, 1710, 1710T, 1711, 1711CL, 1711T, 1712US, 1717RSH, 1720US, 1722US, 17XL260, 17XL261, 17XL262, 17XL264, 17XL265, 17XL266, 17XL274, 17XL275, 17XL360, 17XL361, 17XL362, 17XL364, 17XL365, 17XL366, 17XL367, 17XL368, 17XL369, 17XL370, 17XL371, 17XL372, 17XL373, 17XL374, 17XL375, 17XL376, 17XL377, 17XL378, 17XL379, 17XL380, 17XL460, 17XL462, 17XL465, 17XL475, 17XL570, 1800-XL180, 1800-XL181, 1800-XL190, 1800EA, 1800T-366, 1800T-450, 1800T-466, 1800T-500, 1800T-700, 1800T-800, 1800T-850, 1800T-C400, 1800T-C700, 1800US 900, 1801, 1825, 1827, 1830, 18XL190, 18XL280, 18XL380, 18XL390, 18XL580, 18XL590, 1900-XL C500, 1900-XL P500, 1900-XL161, 1900-XL163, 1900T-366, 1900T-433, 2100T, 2100US, 2100Z, 2101US, 2102US, 2105US, 2108US, 2110US, 2120us, 2123, 2135US, 2140US, 2145US, 2150US, 2155US, 2161us, 2162us, 2170us, 2171US, 2172US, 2175us, 2190US, 2195US, 2199US, 2204US, 2210US, 2223US, 2232us, 2500, 2525US, 2528CL, 2535QV, 2545US, 2555US, 2561us, 2570us, 2575us, 2580US, 2581US, 2585US, 2591us, 2596US, 2598US, 2700T, 2700US, 2701US, 2710US, 2715US, 2720US, 2800T, 2800US, 2801CL, 2805US, 2810, 2811ea, 2815, 3005US, 3015US, 3017CL, 3045US, 305, 3050US, 3070us, 3077WM, 3080us, 3210US, 700US, 700Z, 701US, 705US, 710US, 711CL, 715US, 717RSH, 720US, 721CL, 725US, 730US, 731US, 732US, 734RSH, 800T, 80XL550, 900US, 904RSH, 905US, 906US, 910US, 912RSH, 915US, 918RSH, 920CA, 920US

 M2000, M2000Z, M2007US, M2010US, M2105US, M2108US, M2305NR, M2401XT,
R3000T, R3000Z, r3001us, R3003US, R3004US, R3030US, r3050us, R3065US, R3070US, R3128RS, R3140US, R3160US, R3190US, R3203US, R3204US, R3220US, R3240US, R3260US, R3275US, R3290US, R3310US, R3320US, R3340US, R3360US, R3370US, R3410US, R3425US, R3430US, R3440US, R3460US, R3470US, R4000 (128 MB graphics), R4000 (32 MB graphics), R4010US, R4025US, R4115US, R4125ca, R4125US, SR5010NX,

 V2000, V2000Z, V2010US, V2030US, V2110US, V2135US, V2140US, V2205US, V2210US, V2220US, V2306US, V2309US, V2310US, V2311US, V2312US, V2331US, V2335US, V2402US, V2403NR, V2404US, V2405US, V2409US, V2410US, V2413US, V2414NR, V2414US, V2419US, V2424NR, V2552US, V2555US, V2565US, V2570NR, V2575US, V2582US, V2670US, V2710US, V4000, V4000T, V4005CL, V4015US, V4020US, V4025US, V4035US, V4135US, V4240us, V4325US, V4332US, V4435NR, V5005US, V5015US, V5115US, V5160US, V5201US, V5210US, V5305WM,

 x1001us, x1002US, x1010us, x1015US, X1020US, X1030US, x1031, x1032, X1040US, x1201us, x1210us, X1301US, X1370US, x1460US, X1480US, X6000, X6000 Series, zv6123cl

 150-380, 150-400 (104714-004) , 150-400 (138691-004) , 150-433 , 150-475, 170 600 , 170 650 , 170-366PII , 170-450/13, 170-450/14 Compaq Prosignia Notebook 100 475 Compaq Tablet PC TC1000

 Libretto Series (without U100), Portege Series (without 2000 P2010 R100 PR200), Qosmio, Satellite and Satellite Pro Series, Tecra Series

Apple  iBook Series, Powerbook Series


 1200, 1200X, 1200XV, 1202X, 1202XC, 1202XV, 1203X, 1203XV, 1306LCi, 1350, 1355ALC, 1355LC, 1355LCi, 1355LM, 1355LMi, 1355XC, 1362LCi-XPP, 1362LCi-XPP-SP2, 1362WLMi-XPP, 1363LCi-XPP, 1400XC, 1414WLCi-XPH, 1520, 1522LMi-XPP, 1605DLC, 1642WLMi, 1642ZWLMi, 1644WLMI, 1661WLCi, 1662WLMi, 1684WLMi, 1689WLMI, 1690WLCi, 1691WLCi, 1700 Series, 1711SCi, 1712SMi, 1804WSMi-128MB, 1804WSMi-128MB-XPP     Acer Aspire 1804WSMi-XPP, 2001LCi, 2002LCi, 2002LMi, 2003LMi, 2012WLCi, 2012WLMi, 2025WLMi, 3000, 3002LCi, 3002WLCi, 3003LCi, 3003WLCi, 3003WLMi, 3004LCi, 3004WLCi, 3004WLMI, 3005WLCi, 3050, 3100, 3102WLMI, 3502WLCi, 3613WLCi, 3618AWLMi, 3623XCI, 3661WLMi, 5002LMi-XPP, 5002WLMi-XPH, 5003WLMi, 5003WLMi-XPH, 5004WLMi, 5020, 5101AWLMi, 5102WLMi, 5102WLMi-MCE, 5601AWLMi, 5602WLMi, 7103WSMi, 7104WSMi, 9402WSMi, 9502WSMi, 9503EWSMi, AS1300XC, AS1400XV, AS1403LC, AS3613LCi, AS3613WLCi, AS3613WLMi, AS3613WLMi-80GB


 112Tci (TM112Tci), 1300 Series, 1403LC, 1403XC

 2000, 2001, 2001FXC, 2001LC, 2001LCi, 2001LCI-XPH, 2001X, 2001XC, 2003LC, 2003LM, 2003XC, 200DX, 200T, 202T, 2100, 2101WLC, 2101WLM, 2101WLMI, 2103WLC, 2103WLCI , 2103WLMI, 210T, 210TER, 212T, 212TE, 212TX, 212TXR-SBE, 212TXV, 213TE, 213TXV, 2200, 2201LC, 2201LCi-XPH, 2201LCI, 2201WLC, 2201WLMI, 2201XC, 2203LC, 2203LCi-XPH, 2203LCI, 2203LMI, 2203LX, 2203WLC, 222X, 223X, 223X-Pro, 223XC, 223XV, 225X, 225XC, 225XV-Pro, 2300, 2301LC, 2301LC-XPH. 2301LCI-855-XPP, 2301LCI, 2301LCi-XPP, 2301LM, 2301WLCI, 2301WLMI, 2301WMI, 2301XC, 2303, 2303LC, 2303LCi, 2303LM, 2303WLCI-855-XPP, 2303WLCI, 2303WLCi-XPH, 2303WLCi-855-XPH, 2303WLMI, 2304LC, 2304LCI, 2304LCi-XPH, 2304LCi-XPP, 2304LMI, 2304NLC, 2304WLCI, 2304WLMi, 230X, 230XC, 230XV, 230XV-PRO, 2310, 2312LC, 2312LCi, 2312LM, 2312NLC, 2312NLM, 2313LC, 2313LCI, 2313LM, 2313LMi, 2313NLM, 2313WLMi, 2318WLMI, 233LC, 233X, 233XV, 233XVi, 234LCi, 2350, 2353, 2353LCI, 2354LC, 2354LCi, 2354LM, 2355LCi, 2355LM, 2355LMI, 2355NLC, 2355NLM, 2355XC, 2358LCI, 240 Series, 2413LCi, 2418AWLMi, 2423WXCi, 2423WXMi, 2424WXCi-XPH, 2424WXMi, 242LC, 242X, 242XC, 2434WLCi, 2434WLMi, 243LC, 243LCH, 243X, 243XH, 244 Series, 2441WXCi, 2451WLCi, 2451WLMi, 250 Series, 2500, 2501, 2501LC, 2501LCi, 2501LM, 2501LMi, 2501XC, 2502, 2502LM, 2502LMi, 250LC, 250LCi, 250PE Series, 252ELC, 252ELCi, 252PEXCi, 254ELCi, 2600, 2601, 2601WLC, 2601WLCi-XP Pro, 2601WLCI, 2601WLMI, 2602, 2602WLMI, 261XC, 261XV, 2700, 2701, 2701LC, 2701LM, 2701WLC, 2701WLCI, 2701WLMI, 2702, 2702LCI, 2702LMI, 2702WLCI, 2702WLMI, 270XV, 272LC, 272XV, 272XVi, 273XV, 281XC, 281XV, 283LC, 283LCi, 290LCi    , 290LMi, 290XCi, 290Xi, 290XMi, 290XVi, 291LCi, 291LCi-G, 291LMi, 291LMi-G, 291LMi-G XP Home, 291XCi, 292ELCi, 292LMi-V64MB

3002WTCi, 3200, 3201, 3201XCi-XP Pro, 3201XCi-XPP, 3201XCi-XPP-SP2, 3201XCI, 3201XMI, 3202XCI, 3202XMI, 3203, 3203XMI, 3204XMi-XPP, 3204XMI, 345T, 345TV, 347T, 350TE, 350TE-N, 351TE-N, 351TEV, 351TEV-D, 351TEV-N, 352TEV, 353TEV, 354TE, 354TEV, 360, 361EV

 4000, 4000LCI-XPP, 4000LCi, 4000LCi-XPH-2MB, 4000LCi-XPP-2MB, 4000LCi-XPP-60GB, 4000LMI, 4000WLCI-XPH, 4000WLCi, 4000WLCi-XPH-60GB, 4000WLMI, 4001, 4001LCI, 4001LCi-XPH, 4001LCi-XPP, 4001LCi-XPP-1.5, 4001LMI, 4001WLCI, 4001WLCi-XPH, 4001WLCi-XPP, 4001WLMI, 4002, 4002LCI , 4002LMI, 4002WLCI, 4002WLMI, 4010 Series, 4011LCI, 4011WLCI, 4011WLMI, 4050, 4050LCI, 4051LCI, 4051LMI, 4052LCI, 4052LMI, 4062WLCi, 4062WLMi , 4072LMi, 4072WLCi, 4072WLMi, 4100, 4101, 4101LCI, 4101LMI, 4101WLMi, 4101WNLCI, 4102WLCI, 4102WLMI, 4104WLMI, 4150LCi, 4151LCi, 4220AWLMi , 4222WLMi, 422XC, 422XC-PRO, 426LC, 426LC-PRO, 432LC, 433LC, 4400 Series, 4401, 4401LCI, 4401LMI, 4402, 4402LMI, 4402WLMi, 4404LMI, 4404WLMi, 4500, 4501, 4501LCI, 4501LMI, 4501WLCI, 4501WLMi, 4502, 4502ALCI, 4502LCI, 4502LMi, 4502WLMI, 4503LCI, 4503WLMI, 4504LMi, 4600, 4601, 4601LCI, 4601LMI, 4601WLMI, 4601WNLCI, 4602LCI, 4602WLMI, 4603WLMI, 4604WLMI, 4652LMi, 4654LMi

 520iT, 521TE, 521TV, 521TXV, 522TX, 522TXV, 524TE, 524TEV, 524TXV, 525TE, 525TX, 525TXV, 525TXV-D, 527TE, 527TX, 527TXV, 528TXV, 529ATX, 529ATXV, 529TX, 529TXV, -550LV, 550LV

 6000, 6003, 6003LCI, 6003LMi, 6004LCI, 6004LMI, 600TER, 602TER, 603TER, 603TER-98, 604TER, 610TXVi, 611TXCi, 611TXCi-D, 611TXV, 612TX, 612TXCi, 612TXi, 612TXV, 613TX, 613TXC, 613TXV, 614TXCi, 621LV, 621Xc, 621XC-H, 623LCi, 634XCi-D, 636LCi, 653LCi, 661LCi, 662LMi,

732TLV    , 734TXV, 735TLV, 737TL, 737TLV, 738TLV, 738TLV-98, 739GTLV, 739TL, 739TLV, 740LF, 740LV, 740LVF, 741LVF, 743TLV, 744LCF

 8000, 8002, 8002LCi, 8003, 8003LCI, 8003LMi, 8003LMi-2MB-SP2, 8004, 8004LMI, 8005, 8005LMI, 8005LMIB, 8006, 8006LMi, 8006LMi-SP2, 800LCi, 800XCi, 801LMi, 802LCi, 803LCi, 804LCi, 804LMi, 8100, 8101WLMI, 8102WLCI, 8103WLMi-XPP, 8103WLMI, 8104AWLMi, 8104WLMi-XPP, 8104WLMI,

a-550LV, alpha550 Series, C Series, C102T, C102Ti, C110, C110TCi, C110Ti, C111TCi-G, C111Ti, C111Ti-G, C112TCi-SP2, C112TCi-G, C112Ti-SP2, C112Ti-G, C113TCi, C113Ti, C203ETCi, C204TMi, C300, C301XCi, C301XCi-G, C302MXI, C302XCi, C302XCi (TMC302XCi), C302XMI, C302XMi-G, C303XMi, C303XMi-SP2, C312XCi, C314XMi, TM5100, TM5602WSMi, TM600TER, TM600TER-128, TM602TER, TM602TER-98, TM603TER, TMC302XCi-2MB, TMC302XCi-SP2, 529TXV    


 3000LMi, 3200, 3400LMi, 4002WLMi, 4005WLMi, 4006WLMi

 Sony VAIO PCG Series, Sony VAIO VGN Series

IBM Thinkspad & Lenove
 240, 380, 385, 390, 560, 570, 600, 770, 760, A series,T series, G series, R series, Z series, X series (not including x40/x41/x60/x61).

compatible with all lenovo laptops 
 LifeBook, Amilo

(Please ask us to confrom the model that is compatible by our product)

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  • Model: Laptop notebook 2.5" hard drive
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