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fd003 Citizen 1.44 Slim Floppy Drive, W1D, Drive Only, No Face P

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Citizen 1.44 Slim Floppy Drive, W1D, Drive Only, No Face Plate.
Fits Compal TS30i2/TS30i3/TS30i4, FlexNote 30i2,  Dell Inspiron 7000/7500, Asus L3800C. Asus 72/7300 etc.
Alternate part none:

We are confident that the following versions of drives are electrically compatible with the current "standard" W1DE-00BE 11mm high floppy disk drive and should work without any problems. Only the "cosmetic" items such as bezel colours and styles must be changed. Again, we must emphasise it is your choice to use a compatible drive.

W1DE-10B, -19B, -20B, -22B, -23B, -24B, -26B, -31B, -36B, -38B, -41B, -42B, -46B, -47B, -48B, -50B, -51B, -53B, -55B, -59B, -60B, -61B, -62B, -63B, -64B, -67B, -69B, -70B.


The earlier "A" versions (e.g. W1DE-00A) of these "B" drives (e.g. W1DE-00B) are also likely to be compatible with the standard unit.

Many of the W1DA-xxX drives are also compatible with W1DE drives, so long as pin 11 of the interface is either not connected or pulled "high". If this pin is "low", the drive will not work. Whether this pin is connected is down to the PC manufacturer, but it has been found that the W1DA-11A drive (example barcode shown in the label above) used in many portables is usually compatible with the W1DE-00B.

Finally, the standard drive may work with other versions of the W-series drives used in portables, but care must be taken to ensure that all types of diskettes - DD (720K), HD (1.44Mb) , HD-J (1.2Mb) - work without problems.

Part Description Bare Internal 3.5" 1.44MB Floppy Disk Drive
Part Number W1D FIL , LR102061
Info Power Supply: DC+5V ±5% 700mA
Info Dimensions (mm): 96(W) x 116(D) x 11(H)
Compatible Models. 
  Armada 4110   HiNote Ultra II Series 
 Armada 4120   HiNote VP TS30H 
 Armada 4120 P120/11   L3800 
 Armada 4120T   L7300 
 Armada 4120T P120/12   L7300 L7200 
 Armada 4130T 2870E   LTE ELITE 4/40CX 
 Armada 4130T P133/12   LTE ELITE 4/50CX 
 Armada 4200T 2870E   LTE ELITE 4/75CXL 
 Armada 4220T   Nixdorf PCD-4ND 
 Armada 7350MT   P77 
 Armada 7380DT   PN325 
 Armada 7400   Porta-PC P5-486/B&W 
 Armada 7710T   Porta-PC P5-486/DSTN 
 Armada 7730   Porta-PC P5-486/TFT 
 Armada 7760   Porta-PC P5E-486/B&W 
 Armada 7770   Portege 3110CT 
 Armada 7790DMT   Portege 7000CT 
 Armada 7800   Portege 7010CT 
 Armada 7800 P2266/13   Portege 7020CT 
 Armada E500   Presario 1020 
 Armada E500 PIII1GHZ-15"   Presario 1065 
 Armada M700   Solo 5100 
 Ascentia J Series J10 P/75 CSS10   Solo 5150 
 Ascentia J20   Solo 9300 
 Ascentia J50 CTS10   Solo Pro 9300 PII 
 DreamBook 130DB   Solo Pro 9300 PIII 
 DreamBook GP1   TravelMate 4000M 
 Dynabook Portege 3300SS   TravelMate 5200 Series 
 Elite 73/7200   TravelMate 6030 
 Elite L7200   TravelMate 6050 
 Elite L7200 B Series   TravelMate 6160 
 Elite L7300   Vaio PCG-719 
 GT8000 Series   Vaio PCG-808 
 H1P266MTX   Vaio PCG-XR1G 
 HiNote CS450   Versa 2650CD 
 HiNote Ultra 2000   Versa 2650CDT 
 HiNote Ultra II P8X LTS5150 

  • Model: W1D FIL , LR102061 citizen slim
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  • 23 Units in Stock
  • Manufactured by: citizen

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