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Panasonic UJDA730 8X16X10X24X IDE/ATAPI Slim Line DVD/CD-RW Note


  • Panasonic UJDA730 8X16X10X24X IDE/ATAPI Slim Line DVD/CD-RW Notebook Combo Drive

  • The external appearance and spec etc. may be changed for products improvement without further notice.

    Supplied as a bare drive use the bezel of your old drive

    Multimedia meets portable computing with the Panasonic UJDA730, slim-line DVD-ROM drive which delivers 8X16X10X24X performance to mobile road warriors. With data transfer rates up to 10,820KB/sec for DVD media, and 3,600KB/sec for CD media, the drive provides outstanding multimedia performance for the mobile market. Random access times of 100ms for DVD and 95ms for CD-ROM also contribute to the drive's superior capabilities.

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    • Reading Speed
      • DVD-ROM 8x
      • CD-R 24x (1550-3600 kB/s)
      • CD-RW 12x (765-1800 kB/s)
      • DVD-RAM 22.16 Mbits/s (4.7 GB), 11.08 Mbits/s (2.6 GB)
    • Writing Speed
      • CD-R 16X (2400 kB/s)
      • CD-RW 10X (1500 kB/s)
    • Access time
      • DVD-ROM: 120 ms (DVD-5), 150 ms (DVD-9)
      • CD-ROM: 90 ms
      • DVD-RAM: 220 ms (4.7 GB), 200 ms (2.6 GB)


      Compatible with the following Products:

      OmniBook xe4100F4779AV, F4641HC, F4641HG, F4641HT, F4641H, F4641JC, F4641JG, F4641JT, F4641J, F4642HC, F4642HG, F4642HT, F4642H, F4642JC, F4642JG, F4642JR, F4642JT, F4642J, F4643HC, F4643HG, F4643HT, F4643H, F4643JC, F4643JG, F4643JT, F4643J, F4644HC, F4644HG, F4644HT, F4644H, F4644JC, F4644JG, F4644JT, F4644J, F4646H, F4646J, F4647H, F4647J, F4648H, F4648J, F4649H, F4650HG, F4650HR, F4650HT, F4650JG, F4650JR, F4650JT, F4651HT, F4651H, F4651JT, F4651J, F4652HT, F4652H, F4652JT, F4652J, F5346JS, F5346KS, F5514JS, F5515JS, F5624HS, F5624JS, F5625HS, F5625JS, F5642HS, F5648HS, F6752JS
      OmniBook xe4400F4636AV, F5250AV, F5813HS, F5814HS, F5815HS, F5816HS, F5820HS, F5821HS, F6749HR, F6749HS, F6753JS, F4665H, F4665J, F4666HC, F4666HG, F4666H, F4666JC, F4666JG, F4666JT, F4666J, F4667HC, F4667HG, F4667HT, F4667H, F4667JC, F4667JG, F4667J, F4670HG, F4670HR, F4670HS, F4670HT, F4670H, F4670JG, F4670JR, F4670JT, F4671HG, F4671HR, F4671HS, F4671HT, F4671JG, F4671JR, F4671JT, F4671J, F4673H, F4673J, F4674H, F4674J, F4675H, F5427H
      OmniBook xe4500F4781AV, F4780AV, F4867HC, F4867HG, F4867H, F4867JC, F4867JG, F4867JT, F4867J, F4868HC, F4868HG, F4868H, F4868JC, F4868JG, F4868J, F4883H, F4883J, F5345JS, F5634JS, F5807JS, F5808JS, F4869HC, F4869HG, F4869H, F4869JC, F4869JG, F4869JT, F4869J, F4870HC, F4870HG, F4870HT, F4870H, F4870JC, F4870JG, F4870JT, F4870J, F4871HC, F4871HG, F4871HT, F4871H, F4871JC, F4871JG, F4871JT, F4871J, F4872HC, F4872HG, F4872H, F4872JC, F4872JG, F4872J, F4873HC, F4873HG, F4873H, F4873JC, F4873JG, F4873J, F4874HC, F4874HG, F4874HT, F4874H, F4874JC, F4874JG, F4874JT, F4874J, F4875HG, F4875HT, F4875H, F4875JG, F4875JT, F4875J, F4876H, F4876JT, F4876J, F4877H, F4878H, F4879HT, F4879H, F4879JT, F4879J, F4880HG, F4880HR, F4880HT, F4880H, F4880JG, F4880JR, F4880JS, F4880JT, F4881HG, F4881HR, F4881HT, F4881JG, F4881JR, F4881JT, F4882H, F4882JT, F4882J, F4884H, F4884J, F4885H, F4885J, F4886H, F4886J, F4887H, F4887JT, F4887J, F4888H, F4888JT, F4888J, F4889HT, F4889H, F4889JT, F4889J, F4890H, F4890JT, F4890J, F5347JS, F5347KS, F5511JS, F5805JS, F5822HS, F5826HS, F5829HS, F5830JS, F5830JT, F5832JS, F6148J
      Pavilion Notebook xt155F5861HR, F5861H, F5855H, F5856HR, F5856H
      Pavilion Notebook xt395F4685HR, F4685H, F4672HR, F4672H, F4676HR, F4676H, F4677HR, F4677H, F4681HR, F4681H
      Pavilion Notebook xt412F5871HR, F5871H
      Pavilion Notebook xt512F4689HR, F4689H
      Pavilion Notebook ze4101F5695AV, F4902HR, F4902H
      Pavilion Notebook ze4111sF5859HR, F5859H, F5874H, F5872H, F5873H
      Pavilion Notebook ze4115F4903HR, F4903H
      Pavilion Notebook ze4123F5869H, F5878HG, F5879HG
      Pavilion Notebook ze4125F4892HR, F4892H
      Pavilion Notebook ze4140F5870H, F5875H, F5868H
      Pavilion Notebook ze4145F4893HR, F4893H
      Pavilion Notebook ze5185F4637AV, F5314AV, F4683HR, F4683H, F4680HR, F4680H, F4684HR, F4684H

      Product Contents:
      • Panasonic UJDA730 8X16X10X24X IDE/ATAPI Slim Line DVD/CD-RW Notebook Combo Drive UJ-DA730 UJD-A730 UJDA-730 U-JDA730

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